An Opportunity to Assist those in Zomba, Malawi


About the Campaign:

During an opportunity to volunteer at the Zomba Central Hospital, Malawi, I saw firsthand the need for high quality supplies and equipment. Motivated by this experience, we are raising funds to improve Surgical and Medical Health Services in Malawi at the Zomba Central Hospital.  Funds will send high-quality surgical and medical supplies and equipment from MedShare to treat patients in Zomba.

Your gifts will change lives.

Your donation will make a definite difference in the lives of many sick and injured people. The dedicated and hardworking medical and surgical staff serving this community face continuing shortages of critical supplies and equipment. Your gift will support the community of Zomba as we partner with MedShare.

Surgical, Medical & Pediatric Services

Healthy communities are critical in creating a prosperous society. Despite progress, many people served by the Zomba Central Hospital receive less optimal care because of continuing scarcities of medical resources. MedShare’s Surgical, Medical & Pediatric Services Program for Zomba, Malawi will deliver a 40-foot shipping container of supplies and equipment. The aim is to improve the quality of healthcare by supporting established programs of Zomba Central Hospital.

Printable Summary of the Opportunity

MedShare Donation Page for Zomba

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